Insiza District is located in the Matabeleland South province of Zimbabwe. This part of the country is generally not as privileged as the Northern provinces, largely due to its semi-arid climate and lack of diverse economic opportunities. However, the people of Insiza are driven and have a desire to see progress in their community. A major challenge is the constant migration of young people in search of economic opportunities.

High poverty levels, under development, poor health facilities, HIV/AIDS, harsh economic environment, and high levels of unemployment contribute to the ever increasing number of orphaned and vulnerable children.

Research has revealed that about 80% of children between the ages of 0-7 years are either orphaned or vulnerable. We believe there are thousands of orphans and other vulnerable children in this region.

Help us support the region!

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May the All Mighty God bless you always. What a wonderfull job,well done, glory be to God!

Philani Gugu Ncube

Thank you so much for starting this wonderful job. We will support this organisation. It is amazing that as little as $10 per week can change the life of these children. God bless all the supporters.

Sifiso Madeya Siziba

I just wanted to say ‘Hello’ to all the hard working members of Phumuza, who are ‘Making That Difference’ in the lives of many! ‘God Bless’- From David. (Beccles Salvation Army).

David Mummery