Hillside Training College, Bulawayo & Joshua Mqabuko Polytechnic, Gwanda

Ayanda Malunga and Rachel Smythe at Hillside Training College scored distinctions for their teaching practice at Filabusi Primary School. They are in their last year at college. We are very pleased about their hard work and progress. The students will teach at Insiza District once they are qualified. How can we ensure that the students Phumuza has assisted to qualify as teachers, replicate the benefits of Phumuza’s objectives. We view these 2 students and the others as candles that Phumuza have illuminated and expect them to illuminate more candles at Insiza.

Phumuza works with Schools Develoment Committees (SDC) and head teachers in identifying needy cases and gifted children. We feel that there is a need to support the gifted children, especially those who are vulnerable and have the potential.


 Read on how Ayanda Malunga now works for Lubuze Secondary School …

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