Suku and Tony Wiggins visiting Vumangwe Primary School – Salvation Army.

The first photo is for the grandparent, parents and guardians and 20 children we support at Vumangwe Salvation Army Primary School. Out of these children, 8 are on private sponsorship and the rest are funded through Phumuza (general).

The fees at Vumangwe are USD$45.00 for the whole year.

Phumuza pays USD$22.50 towards the fees to ‘Share The Load’ for those on private sponsorship fees are paid in full by sponsors.

Second photo with the Salvation group.

Third photo of Tony Wiggins (from Halesworth UK, also member of The Rotary Club of Southwold and District. The visit prompted him to sponsor a second child Sandile shown in the picture. SandileĀ is double orphaned.

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