Zimbabwe’s children love education and they are committed to work hard. They achieve amazing results. There is far too many orphans and vulnerable children who still do not have the chance to fulfill their ambitions.

Every day thousands of children in Zimbabwe are denied the most basic education. They go to school but are turned away unable to learn.
You can help by giving financial help or sponsor a child.
For just £2.50 per month or £30.00 per year you can pay for a child’s school fees at primary school for an entire year in Zimbabwe.

“This is a drop in the ocean, but then an ocean is made out of drops!”

With more than this you can make an even greater difference. You can help by giving financial support or you can sponsor a child. Our committee works with the head teachers and School Development Commitee (SDC) and parents to identify children in need of sponsorship and talented pupils who qualify for a scholarship.

School fees sponsoring

At a Primary School Fees cost USD$45.00 for the whole year per child.  This amount is equivalent to as little £30.00!

At a Secondary School – Fees cost USD$90.00 for the whole year, for Form 1 to Form 4. This amount is equivalent to as little as £60.00!

In order for a pupil to sit for the O’Level Examination, you have to pay USD$13.00 per subject.  In addition they have to pay $20.00 for the centre. If the child has no funds to sit O’level exams they return to Form 3 and spend a further 2 years studying, only to be faced with further school fees and the situation of requiring funding.

The cost of school fees for Form 5 to Form 6 is USD$120.00 for the whole year. Examination fees cost USD$13.00 per subject.

In Zimbabwe, parents and grandparents are struggling with unaffordable and rocketing fees. Large numbers of children drop out of scho0l and many are excluded from education, due to the lack of funds!

The school terms start in January to April, May to August and September to November. Phumuza – Share the Load ensures that the sponsors receive school reports and letters from the children they sponsor.

Please make a donation and have an impact in a child’s life!

Contact details

Please contact Suku and Peter Bailey for further details
Phone +44 7796105425 or +263 9 64317
Email: info@phumuza.com.

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May the All Mighty God bless you always. What a wonderfull job,well done, glory be to God!

Philani Gugu Ncube

Thank you so much for starting this wonderful job. We will support this organisation. It is amazing that as little as $10 per week can change the life of these children. God bless all the supporters.

Sifiso Madeya Siziba

I just wanted to say ‘Hello’ to all the hard working members of Phumuza, who are ‘Making That Difference’ in the lives of many! ‘God Bless’- From David. (Beccles Salvation Army).

David Mummery