The Training Workshop

Hygiene and sanitary issues are not really the topics that are addressed publicly. Girls’ attendance and performance in school is badly affected by lack of sanitary ware. Girls feel embarrassed and rejected because they are ridiculed at school for being unable to meet the cost of sanitary pads and underwear. Girls are absent from school for between four to seven days per month. Four days absence equates to a minimum of two of school being missed every term and a week per month missed equates to a quarter of the whole school term. This has led to girls falling behind and eventually failing their exams with the average pass rate at O’Level standing at 15% which is 20% lower than their male counterparts.

However, women and girls from Filabusi will soon benefit from a re-usable pad making project. IRISE International in conjunction with Phumuza (share the load) are the forces behind this project. This restoring campaign aims to stop ridicule and give young girls their dignity back. It also seeks to reduce infections among girls and women and to increase girls’ attendance in school keeping them in classroom where they belong’. Phumuza’s most recent project “Phathisanani Sewing Project“, has provided girls and women with training and materials needed to produce cheap, environmentally friendly and re-usable sanitary pads.

The training workshop that Irise International and Phumuza – Share the load delivered included detailed instructions on making, using, washing and drying the pad. The rest of the day was spent on the practical aspect of making re-usable pads. It has different shapes and designs. There were two designs which girls and ladies were happy with, that is the round-shaped pad and the winged-pad.

We are counting on you financial support! This will give girls and women in the community a vital access to affordable hygienic sanitary ware while securing an income for vulnerable women their dependence!

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