Phathisanani Project has been set to makes school uniforms for children at Vumangwe and other local schools. The sewing machines were donated to Phumuza by the Salvation Army in Beccles and the communities in Suffulk, in the United Kingdom.  Major P. Moyo from the Salvation Army is the project manager. The Chairperson,  Mrs Pretty Malunga says the project aims at cutting the cost of travelling to the city to purchase school uniforms.

Profit generated from the sells helps to pay schools fees for orphans and vulnerable children. The sewing project is a teaching aid to the young girls  who wish to learn new skills. It is also a social activity. Students organise fashion show events and compete with other local schools. We believe that girls who are disadvantaged are vulnerable to Poverty and Starvation; Prostitution, HIV and AIDS.

They are exposed to exploitation and are more likely to be abused. The project enables the community  to be self-empowered and not to be reliant on external aid.

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