Vumangwe Primary School is run by the Salvation Army. The school has more than 300 pupils and only 9 teachers. There are no support teachers at the school. Phumuza supports 22 orphans and vulnerable children.

The school fees/levies are US$10.00 per child, per term, which translates to US$30.00 for the whole year. The children also have to buy school uniforms, school shoes, exercise books, pens and pencils. The school has to provide their own football kit and netball kit. They rely on donations.

In 2006 Pakefield Junior football team in Lowestoft, Suffolk, United Kingdom donated a football kit to the school.

In 2012 St Felix, Southwold, Suffolk, United Kingdom,  donated a girls junior netball kit.

This year in Matabele South, there have been hit by a major draught. There is a bore hole at the school which also supplies the local community. The bore hole is nearly drying up. Teachers have to get up at 4:00am to que up for water before they start lessons. Children have to walk for miles to get to school, they are tired and lack motivation; they are hungry and suffer dehydration. Their health is at risk of disease. The school does not provide meals.

Below photo of grandparents and orphans signing for school fees,  singer sewing machine, text books, pens/pencils which have been donated to the school.

The funds were presented by Mrs Amina Hughes, Mrs Tabby Hove, Mr Peter Bailey and Mr Marx Moyo Secretary for Phumuza. US$550.00 was donated by the Salvation Army Corps in Beccles, Suffolk, United Kingdom!

A big Thank You!

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